Live to Drum - Drum to Live!


Test Driving – New Snare & Head!

Test driving today with the Beta 58’s punk-rock jam! Today I am taking this brand new, hand made stave snare drum my buddy Chris made out for a spin! It’s not even finished yet I but couldn’t wait to get this MONSTER OUT and BEAT […]

New Kick Drum Head Design

Another kick drum head design idea…

Practice Kit – Roland V-Drums

Here’s the kit I use for practice. I don’t have the luxury of being able to play the acoustic drum set at home so I make due with these bad boys. As far as electronic drums go these are the best I have played.  They […]

Drum Vase

Who needs flowers, they just die.  This is way better and even practical.  You never know when a mallet will come in handy at the dinner table!

RIP 2002

Well, it happens from time to time. Sometimes these things finally give in after a life of being bashed and bashed and bashed for endless hours. I suppose it had a good life…… was constantly hit, smashed and rode upon when it was allowed out […]

New Logo

Drafted up a new logo for the website and possibly a new kick drum head design…..  

Drumhead Doodles

Does anyone else doodle on their drumhead while waiting for the rest of the band to tune up?   If I don’t find something to keep my attention I end up making a bunch of noise and the rest of the band cries a little. SO […]