Live to Drum - Drum to Live!

Drum & Cymbal Set-Up

DW drums and Paiste Cymbals
Current set-up include DW Collectors / Performance Drums & Paiste Signature / 2002 Cymbals


My set varies depending on the gig, but it’s usually something similar to this picture.  I sometimes swap out the cowbell for a splash cymbal when I’m not playing “Don’t fear the reaper”. Otherwise is cowbell for miles.


14″ x 6″ DW Collectors 10×6 Maple Snare Drum (Black Sparkle wrap)

14″ x 5″ Ludwig Supraphonic “Ludalloy” 1976 (*used for select set-ups)

22″ DW Performance Kick Drum

12″ DW Performance Rack Tom

14″ DW Performance Floor Tom

16″ DW Performance Floor Tom



14″ Paiste Signature Sound Edge Hi-Hats

10″ Paiste Signature Splash

18″ Paiste Signature Precision Thin Crash

18″ Paiste 2002 Thin Crash

18″ Paiste Siganture Thin China

22″ Paiste Signature “Powerslave” Ride



DW 9002 Kick Pedals

DW 9000 or 5000 Hi-Hat Stand

DW single braced cymbal stands

LP Cowbell

DrumLites installed in kick drum